What is RAR

RAR stands for Report a Repair.  RAR is a online application that can be used to report any number of repairs and to keep track of them within the administration area of the site.

A highly customisable system can be adapted to fit your needs.


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Features Overview

  • a 4 tier system that narrows down the repair to a specific repair.
  • stores all the repair submission from the website within the administration system.
  • uses graphics to identify specific areas that need repaired
  • graphics, categories and repair lists can be changed, no restrictions
  • you can create as many categories as you want, no restrictions
  • report a repair email is sent out to a specified email address which can be changed if needed
  • with RAR Standard we can add your logo and your contact details to the site
  • with RAR Professional we can use your current website design and integrate it with the RAR system
  • users can upload an image for each repair they add to the report; they can also add comments to help identify the needed repairs.

Benefits Overview


Fast and Efficient

RAR helps you to keep track of all your repair requests in one single location.  Since many people will use the online interface, it helps free up time by reducing the amount of calls coming into your office.  On top of that when your office is closed then RAR is still working for you as it is always there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

Simple Interface For Your Customers

Since the system is in simple steps it makes it easy for users to submit their report requests.  All a user needs to do is click the images that respond to the fault and then check off all the repairs that apply.  Users can optionally add comments or upload an image for each set of repairs and then all they need to do is fill in their personal details and send the report.


RAR can adapt to your needs, you can completely change the images and categories to suit your organisation.  If you require customisation or if you need additional functionality then we can do this for you too


Demo RAR

If you would like to demo RAR go to the demonstration website for RAR



RAR has also been designed with accessibility in mind.  Kiswebs are dedicated to providing a high level of accessibility in their products so RAR (just like our cms product PHARO and RTOO) meets all of Priority Level 1 and 2 criteria for accessibility.

RAR also passes HTML and CSS validity tests so you can be assured that the system will run fine on just about any browser available.

On top of this we have also created the system so that when images and JavaScript are disabled then the system still works perfectly.

Please take a look at the demo to find out if this is the right application for you.

If you require more information about RAR please visit the dedicated report a repair demonstration website or contact us.



In What Situations can RAR be Used ?

RAR (Report A Repair) can be used in different situations.

Originally developed as a bolt on product to the successful PHARO (Putting Housing Associations Right Online) product, RAR has subsequently been adapted so that it can be added onto existing websites or alternatively can sit on its own domain name or sub domain name.

What does that actually mean though?

Option 1.
If you already have a website you are happy with we can supply you with RAR to use and we can modify its look to suit your existing website. Customers will think it is just an extension to your existing website.

Option 2.
Alternatively it could be setup as a seperate website in its own right on its own domain name. A link could then be placed on your existing website linking your customers to this dedicated report a repair website for your organisation.

Option 3.
Or finally if you had the PHARO product then it would seemlessly be added into PHARO for your website.

Contact us to find out more.

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